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Our Policies

Thank you for taking the time to read, understand, and agree to our policies.

General Policies

  • We are not an emergency room. Please go directly to the nearest hospital if you are experiencing: a significant allergic reaction, chest pain, unable to breathe, uncontrolled bleeding, fracture.

  • Patients with OHIP/IFHP must provide a valid health card / Identity document (IFHP patients). If your health card is invalid, please visit your nearest Service Ontario centre (110 Laurier Ave).

  • If you have a cough, please wear a mask.

  • All patients are encouraged to wash and sanitize their hands to reduce the spread of infection.

  • In response to health concerns, we are a scent free environment. Please avoid wearing strong scented products while visiting the clinic.

  • Aid dogs are the only animals permitted on the premises with proper documentation.

Preparing for your visit

  • ​Walk-in wait times at our clinic vary depending on the number of walk-in patients ahead of yourself and their own medical concerns. Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee waiting times; please know that our goal is to have you seen by the physician as quickly as  possible. Please be advised that the staff and physician(s) reserve the right to stop accepting patients at any time due to excessive patient volumes or unforeseen circumstances.

  • Controlled medications considered as narcotics/benzodiazepines/stimulants are generally not prescribed in the walk-in clinic.

  • Please bring an up to date medication list and or medication bottles for visits relating to medication(s) renewal. Ensure to coordinate medication renewal intervals with the physician and pharmacist to make sure you do not run out before the next medical assessment.

  • Generally, medication renewals require a medical assessment with the physician. If approved, medication renewals completed without a visit are considered an uninsured service and is subject to a fee for service.

  • Walk-in visits are generally to assess the priority health issue. Due to wait times, physicians may request the patient to return for another assessment for unrelated health issues.

Respect for staff, physicians, patients and property

  • ​We provide a caring and respectful environment and we expect the same in return from our patients. Coarse language, aggressive and or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated toward any staff member or any other patient. Any such behavior may result in being escorted from the premises and possible banishment. Refusal to leave will be escalated to security personnel and or police.

  • Help us keep our waiting area & restrooms clean! Please dispose of your garbage.

  • Removal of any proprietary property including items from exam rooms without staff consent is considered theft and appropriate measures will be taken.

Services & fees

  • Uninsured services must be paid upon completion of service. We will obtain verbal consent from the patient prior to providing the service. For examples of uninsured services, please see our uninsured services fee list.

  • Out of province patients are billed directly for their visits according to rates suggested by the Ontario Medical Association. We will provide you an out of province claim form to apply for reimbursement.

  • A cancellation / no-show fee will apply to pre-arranged appointments that are cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled time. $25 for virtual, $35 for in person, $45 for immigration exam.

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