Walk-in clinic & Virtual visit


Our walk-in clinic is currently closed until further notice. Please do not walk-in without an appointment.   


Pre-arranged in person appointments are available  for existing patients who require a follow-up appointment.


Virtual visit (this service is currently only available for existing patients who require a follow-up assessment)by video or telephone are available with our general practitioners for many conditions including:

-Allergy symptoms

-Contraception, STI screening 

-Prescription renewal

-Referrals for massage, physiotherapy or psychology

-Urinary tract infection

Please note:

Controlled medications considered narcotics/benzodiazepines/stimulants are generally not prescribed in the walk-in clinic or by virtual consultation.

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Pre-employment & 3rd party exams


We offer many types of 3rd party exams including:


  • Pension buy back exam  ($175)

  • Certificate of good health (starts at $125)

  • CATSA medical exam (starts at $125)

  • Visa application medical exam (starts at $125)

  • Personal support worker (PSW) certificate of health (starts at $60)

  • School pre-entry forms (fee depending on complexity of form, please inquire at visit)


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Doctor Checking a Form

Driver medical exam (Ontario & Quebec)

Asset Tracking

Appointments are available for Ministry of Health Transportation medical examination (Ontario) or SAAQ (Quebec).


This service is for drivers seeking a new license or a renewal of their current license. 


If you have had your license suspended, you may be required to see your own family physician.

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Travel & routine vaccinations


Traveling abroad? Ensure you have a great trip by having your vaccines updated in advance. Come in for a consultation and receive guidance specific to your travel plans including treatment for travelers’ diarrhea, protection against insect-borne diseases etc.


Common vaccines needed to protect yourself include; hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid fever, yellow fever, meningitis and cholera etc.


Also available are routine vaccines for tetanus, measles, mumps, rubella, and influenza (seasonal).

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NEW** Covid-19 PCR test available for travel or 3rd party request ONLY. Fee is $170.00. Your apt must be booked mins of 48 hours before travelling.  Your result will be emailed to you.

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Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

Tuberculosis testing


We offer Tuberculosis (TB) testing for work, school,  3rd party request, or if suspected contact with an infected person.

TB test for work or requested by a 3rd party is considered an uninsured service at a cost  of $50 per test.

Interpretation of results must be done between 48-72 hours after the test. You will be provided with a medical certificate thereafter as needed.

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Pap test & STI screening


We offer routine cervical cancer screening by appointment with a female physician.

The Ontario Cervical Screening Program recommends that anyone with a cervix or who has been sexually active have a Pap test every 3 years starting at age 21.  (The ministry of health is currently updating the recommendations. If you are under 25 years of age, an appointment should be arranged with the physician to discuss whether a pap test is appropriate.

Sexual health screening & counseling (sexually transmitted infections) is available by appointment or through our walk in clinic.

Additional services include birth control consultations, rapid urine pregnancy testing etc.

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Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Ear wax removal

Ear Exam

We offer removal of ear wax as a walk-in service or by appointment.


Please note that in certain cases, removal of earwax is no longer covered by OHIP and therefore may be subject to a fee.

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Wart & skin tag removal


We offer a variety of treatment for warts.  Lesions on hands are not covered by OHIP.

We offer removal options for skin tags and other skin lesion for cosmetic reasons.  In most cases, treatments are not covered by OHIP.

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